Here is what customers say about me...

I have TWO WORDS: Simply Amazing! :) Your class has changed my perspective and I know will continue to change my life. You are a natural born leader. Your passion andlove for what you do is simply hard to match. You have a gift for connecting with people and making people believe in their dreams! Your ability to make things happen is fantastic. Meeting you was a blessing and my life/professional aspirations has been significantly impacted in a very positive way. You are an inspiration to other. Your courage and determination is very convincing to others to pursue their dreams no matter how unattainable they may seem.
— Gabriela E., Entrepreneur
Sister, you are the blessing! Thank you so much for teaching the “Living Your Strengths” workshop. Maximizing our strengths...the concept seems so simple! But, many of us don’t even think about appreciating the unique strengths that God has put in each of us. You are truly inspiring and I feel blessed to have spent time with you.
— Sandra C., Vineyard Columbus
This beautiful and amazingly talented inspirational speaker shares her passion for helping others understand their strengths. It is truly amazing how she can change her presentation in moments, and use examples from people she just spoke with. She made a difference for our team by explaining how we can use our strengths to build better solutions.
— Sam R. - Marketing Manager
Cynthia makes a difference in the lives of so many, and she does it with grace and humility. Her light, positivity and love make everyone feel special and valuable. I can’t wait to work with her again.
— Laurie S. - Project Manager
I truly admire Cynthia’s passion and the initiative that she has taken to pursue her goals. She has a special gift to share with the world, and I was blessed to have spent time with her to inspire me to find my passion. It is rare to find those people who light up from within. She is one of people who radiates love, sincerity, kindness and generosity.
— Lisa F. - Chief Marketing Officer
The “Leveraging Your Strengths” event yesterday was inspiring. I got some great ideas about how to keep developing my strengths within the firm, and confirmed that I am one of a kind!
— Alexandra, Training Specialist
Thank you for all you do with StrengthFinders - helping so many colleagues to be the best they can be by leveraging their strengths!
— Lesley C. - Executive Director

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