Know You're Fabulous

If I were to ask you "'What three things don't you like about yourself?", I bet it would take you less than a minute to come up with the list. 

If I were to ask you "What three things are fabulous about yourself?", it might take much longer to come up with that list. 

You see, we are trained to focus on the "bad stuff" vs. the "good stuff". 

As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, I help people define and confirm their "good stuff" - their unique set of talents and strengths. 

To get started on the "good stuff" path, I encourage you to write down one good thing about yourself each morning. This could be as temporary as "a good hair day" or a more comprehensive confirmation like "I am a generous person". These notes can be particularly helpful if you're having a bad day - take a glimpse at your "good stuff" note and remember that You Are Fabulous

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