Don't Avoid the Dentist

It's that time of year again... time to prepare for your ANNUAL REVIEW!

You will likely be asked to detail your 2 Strengths and 2 Weakness (Opportunities)

Even though your manager may have 3 strengths to outline, you will likely only remember the weaknesses that were discussed.  The sting of criticism lasts longer than the balm of praise. Multiple studies have shown that people pay keen attention to negative information. For example, when asked to recall important emotional events,

people remember 4 negative memories for every 1 positive one.

No wonder most executives give and receive performance reviews with all the enthusiasm of a child on the way to the dentist.

So take charge - Fully acknowledge your weaknesses at the beginning of the conversation, and outline how you will use your strengths to work around them.  And also realize that you will never be good at everything BUT

You can be a ROCKSTAR when you focus on your strengths! 

FYI - my Dad is a dentist so he will be very happy with this title!

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