Are You Frozen in a World of the Familiar?

Are you an Ordinary person frozen in the World of the Familiar, allowing the Wall of Fear to paralyze you from venturing out of your Comfort Zone to pursue your Big Dream?

In The Dream Giver, Bruce Wilkinson personifies feelings and states of being into “people” and “things” encountered on the journey to your Big Dream. His book is dedicated to anyone who ever hoped or believed that they could accomplish something extraordinary with the lives.

The journey out of Ordinary and Familiar can be very scary, often paralyzing progress. One of the obstacles often encountered is the Landlord of Familiar. This landlord is self-appointed as the one who decides what is right for Ordinaries.  You see he really doesn’t want Ordinaries upsetting the Familiar by pursuing their dreams.  Leaving the Land of Familiar upsets the Comfort Zone of those close to us – our friends and family. They try to stop us from pursing our Big Dream by sharing all of their fears with us, so we don’t leave the Land of Familiar.  But remember, these are theirs, not your fears.

Your Big Dream is what you do best and what you most love to do. You have to sacrifice things and sometimes Ordinaries and Nobodies to pursue your Big Dream. Keep the end in sight as the sacrifices may seem extraordinary.

Perhaps your biggest fear should be never pursuing your Big Dream at all.

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