Fulfilled or content?

We often hear that one of the greatest life accomplishments is find true fulfillment.  When we are fulfilled, we will be happy and content. Here's another thought. 

The search for fulfillment will almost always lead to a greater sense of frustration.  Fulfillment encourages selfishness, moral compromise and self-centeredness.

Consider seeking contentment instead. Contentment encourages self-denial, moral consistency and appreciation for others. 

Content literally means "self-sufficient."  Contentment means living above our circumstances, living beyond our circumstances, living independent of our circumstances. Contentment includes having inner peace, a sense of inner tranquility, having a centeredness that doesn't rise or fall with every situation that's going on around us.  Now wouldn't that be a nice?  Ironically, it does take some focus to be content.

Pick one day to focus on being content, all day.  No envy of what others have and you don't. Just pure gratitude and contentment for the gifts you have, and how you have been uniquely created.

Remember, you are one of a kind. There is no one else like you! 

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