Just be nice ...

Sometimes we get so wrapped up trying to find or place blame on someone that we forget to be nice.  

The energy we spend pointing fingers or throwing someone under the bus can be much more productively spent listening, processing, and calmly responding.  

The response you get from your message is ENTIRELY BASED ON THE DELIVERY of that message.  SO Just be nice ....it will get you far!

Dusting off the Dream Machine

We spend most of our adult years taking care of someone else ... our spouse, manager, children, parents, or siblings. At some point, you have to make the conscious decision to invest in yourself. Don't feel guilty - you are totally worth it, and the return on investment will be substantial.  It’s time to dust off the dream machine and start your journey toward becoming the amazing person you were intended to be.

In my book Divorce to Divine, I share several ways to get your dream machine started.  You can also learn more at www.divorcetodivine.com/freeoffer.

The Power of Positivity

Research by Puri and Robinson at Duke University shows that optimistic people work harder, get paid more, are elected to office more often, and win at sports more regularly.

It turns out that optimism is more than just a positive state of mind. It’s also a competitive advantage in business, sports and politics. While the pessimists are complaining about the future, and the realists are talking about it, the optimists are working hard to create it.

When was the last time you were optimistic? 

If it's been awhile, we should talk! 

If you need help seeing the glass that is half full, contact Cynthia at Cynthia@CynthiaClaire.com/contact